The recent climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests have pushed the vital issue of spiralling climate change once again to the forefront of discussion. Architecture has more to contribute to tackling this issue than most professions, but it continues to feature as a sidebar in many projects. Scott McAulay, coordinator of the Anthropocene Architecture School, believes that the education system can do much more. Read More




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Buildings are not inherently political. The built environment is no more than reified architectural plans, yet we all recognise that buildings are so much more than their physical forms. Architecture is intrinsically social and politicised. How can buildings and architects incorporate this into their fabric? Read More
In the wake of tragic vehicle-borne attacks in Nice and London, cities across the world are rushing to implement measures to protect their citizens. But these barriers risk turning historic cities into fear-inducing battlegrounds - is there a better way for architecture to protect us against terrorism? Read More
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