Cafes have long been associated with intellectualism and counterculture. The association goes back to the very first coffee shop in Constantinople and its descendants that soon gained prevalence throughout the Ottoman Empire, and a century later, in Europe. Since these early stages, and up until the period of post-war French intellectualism, these small hubs of social spaces have been a... Read More




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Crumble has chosen three major themes explored in our upcoming issue 'Conflict//Resolution' for the Crumble Magazine Project. Our editors have provided small summaries and explorations of these three ideas, 'education', 'migration' and 'revolution'. How does architecture influence these themes in the 21st century? Read More
Foster & Partner's Quartermile Development in Edinburgh is a prime example of a modern redevelopment project, with aspirations to elevate and repopulate an underused area of the city centre. Yet it also reflects a worrying trend in modern architectural design; the conflict between visual representations of architectural ideas and the built reality. Why do architects choose to lie to themselves? Read More
For six months every year, the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle is occupied by a steel and scaffolding behemoth, balancing precariously atop Castle Rock to host the Military Tattoo. Surely there is a more sensitive and sympathetic way to accommodate this traditional ceremony into the architectural fabric of the city? Is it telling of a wider loss of direction in attitudes to sustainability and preservation? Read More

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