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Submission Guidelines

Crumble Issue #5 MOMENT, MOVEMENT is a reflection on the question raised in Issue #4, ‘Are we sitting comfortably?’. There was a collective urge within the team to ‘take a moment’, pause, question our current situation and ask how do we move on. Moment and movement both have great weight and collectively have impact which is very different to their individual meanings. The situations we live in this current era are critical and perhaps a look back to previous movements and the moments that started them is of great importance or an urge to create movement or restrict it are critical? Maybe everything is about the moments, time, eternity or maybe about how we move, locally, globally and personally?  These are just some of the questions you could ask but the possibilities are endless, we look forwards to what you have to say!

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Submission deadline for Issue #5 – 24th January 2020

Articles: We recommend two different lengths of articles: 600 words or 1200 words. We encourage challenging widespread points-of-view, provocation and criticism that proposes solutions, its all too easy to knock stuff down but proposing an alternative in its place is the key.  The theme hopes to focus responses on the pressing concerns we face today. We also welcome articles that take on a more exploratory note and reveal unusual stories of people and places from across the world, seeing architecture in a wider cultural context. The tone of the magazine is aimed at members of the public generally interested in architecture, so use it as an opportunity to explain your ideas in clear, accessible language without jargon. We encourage sketches, diagrams and illustrations to accompany articles, these can be done by the author, but if you would like somebody else to do it, let us know  and we can find somebody to doodle something up.

Interviews: With anybody you can get hold of. As above, these are a great and accessible way of questioning current issues and exploring underlying thinking, very much encouraged.

Short stories: This is a cool way to exploring architecture, peoples, places, etc. Word length is more flexible.

Artwork: These can be stand-alone or accompanied / interspersed with a short piece of writing or poetry. The magazine is going to be A4 format and staple bound. Size of the artwork is up to you, anything from very small up to a whole spread. Or else, if you let us know you’re interested, we can send you an article and you can compose something that works with that. The magazine is going to be Risograph printed on sugarpaper (similar paper to the posters advertising Crumble). We are printing at OutoftheBlue Print in Leith, so if you have done illustrations for ‘Counterpoint’, the guidelines are similar. The magazine is exclusively printed using blue, red and yellow ink, and each colour is printed one on top of the other, so sometimes there are slight offsets – its very similar to lino printing.

The process is just the same as our previous issue ‘What’s the Plan?’, examples of finish of illustrations are photographed on this page, note the slight offsets, these are just to see the process, not to copy, please instead revolutionise the way we draw. You can get hold of a copy of the last issue here.

So images need to work well in one, two or three colours, (can be mixed grades of these, purples and greens come out nicely). If you’ve ever done separations for screenprinting, it’s the same principle, but if you’re not sure we can help you out. Ideally send your files as: three seperate Greyscale 300dpi PDFs, named with the ink colour (eg. Crumbledman_RED) and a Full-colour RGB JPEG that we can use for website.

(There’s some handy explanation of Risograph printing on this website:

Poems: As with above, welcome in any form.

Comic-strips: Very welcome, see artwork guidlines.

Photography: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the printing, we cannot publish photography. However, we are working on our original online content and would welcome your work here.

If you have any questions, send us an email at