#6: Rules of Play


Issue #6 ‘Rules of Play’ arrives this Autumn after almost a year of production. Exploring both the spatial manifestation of rules and locales of play in both our physical and digital worlds, the issue explores the provocation through a diversity of perspectives. Contributions are as varied in form as they are in content, the issue featuring comics, stories, short essays, commentaries and speculations. As always with Crumble, a critical-propositional attitude is at the heart of the discussions and the design fuses discursive articles with blissful illustrations in a unique and adorable package.


Article List:


The Relevance of Urban Commoning in an Era of Social Distancing – Displacement in Signage – Right to Space – Nocturnal Playtime – Move 37 – In Orbit – Eyes On – Recipe for disaster – Body-More Murdaland – Downtown Divertissement – Riding the Pink Line – Risk in Play – Bleeding Permeability – Young Citizens Survey – The Architecture of Patriarchy – ‘Because Nobody Imagines Living Here’ – The Other Side of the Wall – Extract from a dialogue concerning the companions of Lawrence Oswald – Memory Landscapes



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