#5: Moment, Movement – With Donation


Issue #5 ‘Moment, Movement’ arrives this Autumn into a pre-covid world, it’s content blissfully oblivious to the events that have altered our recent history. The conversations that lie within delve from both the meaning of a moment to the weight of a movement and what lies between. From reflections on places of passing, discussion on what it means to be home and questions of what it means to act, ‘Moment, Movement’ touches on urgency, content, speculation and desire. These varied discussions, stories and article are an embrace of what we have and a question of what we should challenge.

Article List:

Urban Culture in Moscow – Re-imagining the Metrolink – Stories of our Shapes – Architectural Education in the Climate Crisis – Architects as Activists – The Necessity of Discourse – Parisian Counter Culture – Stepping up Accessibility – A living room confronts the Climate Crisis – Movement is a privilege – Places of passing – The power of a Home – Intergenerational experiences of the London Underground – Architecture of Obedience


Issue #5 is now available. Written before Coronovirus, take a step back in time to enjoy a risograph printed magazine that touches on urgency, content, speculation and desire. By selecting this option of a small donation of £3 above the standard retail price you are providing a little extra support to  the Crumble Magazine Project. hanks!

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