Crumble Magazine Project, the magazine’s first independent event held as part of ArchiFringe 2018, made a successful afternoon of conversation and creation. The Crumble team reflect on the vital role of the Crumble community in creating the magazine ahead of the Issue 3 launch party on September 18th.
Buildings are not inherently political. The built environment is no more than reified architectural plans, yet we all recognise that buildings are so much more than their physical forms. Architecture is intrinsically social and politicised. How can buildings and architects incorporate this into their fabric?
Crumble has chosen three major themes explored in our upcoming issue 'Conflict//Resolution' for the Crumble Magazine Project. Our editors have provided small summaries and explorations of these three ideas, 'education', 'migration' and 'revolution'. How does architecture influence these themes in the 21st century?