What we’ve been up to…

As with almost every routine, event, plan, idea, group or initiative, we too have been knocked a little off kilter during the past few months. Just as lockdown was beginning to be enforced in the UK, we had finished preparing Crumble Issue #5 ‘Moment, Movement’, having packaged up documents and sent them to our wonderful printers Out Of The Blueprint. However, with the temporary closure of their facilities due to lockdown there’s unfortunately been a delay on Issue 5’s production, and we will have to wait a little longer before we are able to share the issue with you all…

Whilst we have shared a few snippets of Issue 5 here , we have also, like so many, spent some of this time reflecting. As a team, we took time to look back on previous issues and delve into themes still pertinent today, taking a moment to put these ideas into current contexts.

In parallel with this has been a discussion regarding how do we as a magazine – committed to physical production – present ourselves in these times of crisis where we are unable to print and distribute physically. A conversation regarding ‘soft’ digital approaches has been central to what we have been curating, ultimately manifesting itself through a mix of audio, text and visual material. We are, at the end of the day a magazine that engages in varied discussion and has a graphical discussion indebted to the visual style defined by our riso-printing process. Together, our team here at Crumble have been in discussion throughout this period, considering how we translate this digitally and maintain this identity.

So, what will be happening in the coming weeks?

Thoughts with Crumble – Fortnightly Fringe

As part of ArchiFringe’s Fortnightly Fringe series, we will be presenting a series of daily thoughts on their Instagram platform – these will be short snippets from our discussions surrounding previous issues, broadcast 7pm BST from the 20th to the 25th July. These conversations cover ideas from intersectional urbanism to game design and architecture, from racial discrimination in architectural education to what it means to design for refugees. ArchiFringe instagram can be found here! #ThoughtsWithCrumble

In Reflection

Along with these discussions for the Fortnightly Fringe, we will be presenting some content relating to themes that arise in these conversations, re-engaging with pieces from previous issues and placing them in current contexts. Keep an eye on social media and our website for content when we publish it!

ArchiFringe Graduate Showcase

We are also involves with ArchiFringe’s Graduate Showcase which will be hosting work from graduating members of Scottish Schools of Architecture, ArchiFringe have partnered with ourselves, ScotPortfolio and ~Ism Magazine to deliver the showcase and present articles on both current context and student projects. We look forward to sharing with you some of the editorial content that we have developed.

We look forward to a point in the (hopefully) not too distant future where we can share Issue #5 with you and have the opportunity for future discussions. Until then, have a look out for this content we’ve been developing!

All the best, Crumble