Reflection: Crumble Magazine Project

Crumble Magazine Project, the magazine’s first independent event held as part of ArchiFringe 2018, made a successful afternoon of conversation and creation.

We transformed our venue, the Rehearsal Studio in Leith’s Out of the Blue Arts Centre, into a quick-fire magazine studio; condensing our unique month-long process in making the magazine into just a single afternoon.

We kick-started the event with some brief presentations from our editors, sharing our experiences of creating the latest issue and previewing some of the articles contained within. The theme ‘Conflict/Resolution’ provided a unique starting point; discussion around this topic formed the basis of the whole afternoon. Following this introduction, we formed smaller groups to share ideas and consider the topic, replicating the discussion groups that are central to formulating content for the magazine.

After this discussion came the making, which culminated in the creation of our ‘magazine wall’: a tapestry of pieces exploring pictorially a wide range of different ideas. As with our magazine, the boundaries of this were very flexible. The only restrictions were the size of the template available for each piece within the wall and the mediums available. These centred around three main techniques – drawing, writing and printing – the main processes involved in the creation of our magazine.

The Magazine Project introduced us to a completely new way of sharing ideas, in a collaborative and casual environment. The quick pace of the afternoon allowed us to discuss a great number of ideas in a short space of time; many even had the potential to develop into a full magazine article. As well as producing quite a beautiful tessellated magazine wall, there were enough ideas to fill a whole second edition on ‘Conflict/Resolution’! We would like to thank all those who came along to share their ideas and got involved.

If you missed the Crumble Magazine Project, then don’t worry! Come on down to the launch of Issue 3, ‘Conflict/Resolution’, at Paradise Palms on Tuesday 18th September. It’s the perfect opportunity to get hold of your very own copy of the magazine and share a drink or two with the team! We couldn’t create the magazine without all your support and would love to see as many there to celebrate yet another issue packed with the exciting illustrations and ideas that really make Crumble what it is.


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